I remember finishing from the university many years ago and thinking finally; Thank God I am done with all this; but can we ever be done with learning? The fact is if you finished from many of the public universities in Nigeria like I did with its myriad of challenges ranging from the frequent strikes; decaying infrastructure, unmotivated lecturers, corruption in the system (“sorting’’ or sex for grades) maybe you may understand my desire to just finish and be done with school at that time.

But I soon discovered that learning never ends and if you really want to grow, give value, or earn more in any industry you must learn more. I have had to take many courses over the years as someone in the knowledge sector to upgrade my certifications or horn my skills. Some professional courses and postgraduate programs were very costly but the impact and rewards I have gleaned from the knowledge and networks gained have been unquantifiable.

One of the things I noticed during the lock-down is the availability and access to a wide variety of information and learning resources via the internet. I mean with data and sometimes at no cost you can learn almost anything today on the internet from the trivial to the very important. Even though for some it may look like an information overload but for the discerning/strategic they have maximized this period to improve themselves with various webinars and zoom meetings from various industry experts and thought leaders and rightly so.

I have attended courses from Harvard to LBS (my alumni) some free and some paid during this period; I am presently doing a one week course on financial investment by one of my mentors Mr. Isaac Okemini (former special adviser to the RSG on investment and economic matters) on zoom and it has opened my eyes to a lot of practical wisdom from someone who not only is a guru at what he does but also practices what he preaches.

The truth is where you will be in the next five years is directly proportional to the knowledge you acquire today and like Alvin Toffler said; ‘the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn or relearn’’. So “What are you Learning?” particularly in relation to your business or career; What new skills are you acquiring that will make you ready or relevant for the future?

The VTB Academy is an attempt to put some of the finest training we have done for individuals and companies over the last ten years together in short videos that are available for downloads at a small token. In our quest to help businesses particularly SMEs over the years we have discovered sometimes that not knowing what to do or how to do it can be very COSTLY; no wonder a wise man once said that; “if you say knowledge is expensive try ignorance’’.

Our courses cut across some of our most impactful training from our Business Academy over the years for entrepreneurs as well as training for purpose-driven professionals with a desire to excel in any chosen field or career. The content is rich and relevant while the prices have been discounted greatly to make it affordable for you. We also have materials for job seekers and those interested in standing out in the workplace.

Kindly clique on  www.vtbconsulting.com.ng/academy  to make your choice and begin positioning yourself for greatness!

Keep Learning!
(Written by Victor Briggs; Principal Consultant VTB Consulting)

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